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Learn to Sing by Singing by Arra Lynn Ross

Oh, loved, beloved, you are dew on the jewel-weed,
sheep among the lilies. The apple branch. The rapture
of bats and stars and grass singing, warm as new wine.

You are

the loved, my beloved — light in the bone, tender green,
the dinner bell ringing; aprons on the line — yellow muslin
and green — you are the end of the world and the first unfurling.

You are

the love, lemon and rind. Soft pine, cicada, swamp and vine.
Cattails at the edge of the road. Blue-eyed dragonfly.
Moon. Friend. Lizard in the woodpile. Sweet surprise.

You are the sky between my arms —


Show flier for Tromblay Salon and Gallery exhibit

Collage of Personal Histories

Collage of Personal Histories

Fellow artist and Exquisite Corpse Collective member Nikki Kazmar wrote about the show I shared with Emma Blair Mason in October.  Lovely writing.

photo (2)

Egg in the rock garden.

I found this egg nestled between the chives and geodes in my mother’s rock garden. Looks like this hen wandered a bit from her roost.


May Apple in Blossom

A rare find in the woods bordering Understory Farm. Had to crawl through sting nettles to reach it. Worth it.

Understory Farm Barn in Cyanotype


Cyanotype image created from a digital negative.

Dymaxion Globe Installation

This Dymaxion Globe was inspired by Buckminster Fuller, who originally designed this shape for the UN.  It was created by the Exquisite Corpse Artist Collective for the 2011 Boiling Pot Art & Music Festival in Kalamazoo.

Catch a Falling Star